A High schooler’s Dilemma: Building Your Circle

I think I speak for most high schoolers when I say that one of the most challenging aspects of our lives is finding and maintaining a social circle that we resonate with. It can get quite challenging to find the right people when our circle remains limited to our school friends; especially if the concept of student activities is not advocated for enough in our school. Because frankly, if school friends turn out not to be the kind of people we want to be around, then we’re a tad bit doomed.

Since not everyone can simply walk up to someone outside of school premises and kickstart a friendship, that leaves very few options for us. The question here is: how can we expand our circle, meet new people and get the chance to indulge in new activities? Personally, the answer to all these questions was Traverse. The fact that it is an event where so many high schoolers are present automatically makes it an ideal place to network. It creates an opportunity to talk to people knowing that you already share so many similarities, and with the same mindset of “I am here to meet new people in a judgment-free zone”. 

Aside from the genuine networking nature of traverse, the event’s features play a huge part in facilitating the process. Whether it is the opportunity to enter competitions and join activities throughout the day that allow us to bond and network with others, or the opportunity to apply to a variety of student activities and internship programs that are considered a golden gem to widen your horizons.  All in all, if you attend Traverse with the goal of exploring new people and making new friends, be certain that it will offer you the chance to achieve it.

Written by: Maram Mohammed