Scope-Outs & Career Quests.. Which & Why?

As of a young age, we’re expected to start planning the course of our future. We’re expected to know how to plan and choose. 
We’re always lost, confused, and sometimes alone. But you always know, Traverse has your back. At Traverse, you’ll find answers to everything that could ever cross your mind. 

Let me guess.. You have absolutely zero idea where to start and what to do? How can you even think of your whole future when you’re only 15-18 years old? That’s okay. Start simple. 
Career Quests is just what you need. This feature aids in guiding you to your closest interests. Through the help of our partnered & professional Career-Quest Coaches, they discuss with you key points and basics that help your mind pave its way to its own understandings. You may come out with a lot to think of, and that’s where you start grouping the similarities & differences to follow into the next feature, if needed. 

Somehow starting to figure it all out? Well YAY YOU! We’re proud of you you’re making it this far, this simple. Still confused between several fields of interests? Yep, still got you covered. 
You may ask yourself, what now? We’ll tell you. 
Scope-Out Mentors is your choice. After finalizing your options of different careers to explore, our Scope-Out Mentors walk in to talk in more details about each field. In this feature, A track of every major group —with a variety of careers that fall under the category, each by their own mentor— is explored. You get to know more specificities about how this career is like in depth if you choose to move towards it. You get to balance your likes and dislikes, and ultimately belong to your final career decision. 

By now, you should be able to choose your career of interest from scratch, or by leaping one more step towards certainty that follows the confusion. Your question marks should now spark light bulbs. And your future has just begun! Have a lovely journey, we hope it’s as bright as you made an attendance at Traverse!