Why Should Parents Attend?

Dear parent,

As a parent, you witness your children’s journey from their date of birth. You watch them grow; from being cute little babies whom have kept you awake through sleepless nights for months, to taking their first steps. You get very excited for their first day at kindergarten and take a million pictures of them for the memory — your heart aches as you leave them endure into a new experience and cant guide them every step of the way.

Before you know it, they’re 13 in 6th grade, graduating primary school, and about to start middle school. Ahh.. the teenage years where all the balances shift and you get to learn how to deal with them all over again. Because you see, guiding your daughters & sons is an endless journey of right & wrong, do’s & dont’s. No set rules. Only a roller coaster of emotions. Sometimes you feel like you’re losing, the next you’re winning. That’s the adventure of parenting.

It’s only a matter of time before they’re in high school, the ages of 16-18. Only now both of you are sitting there not exactly sure what comes next. They have so many unanswered questions on where to start and how can they begin to plan their future when they’re even not so sure what they’ll present during their english presentation. As a parent, you care about them not making the same mistakes you may have encountered when you experienced their age. You want what’s best for them. You ask yourself, how can i help them? How can i make them feel seen & heard without forcing my opinion on them, to give them their freedom of choice? As a parent, you want to let them go unto another adventure —Undergraduate years of University— with the best informed decision. Giving space to the adventure with the least casualties along the way.

That’s why at Traverse, we’ve created The Parents Track. For you to support your teen as they need & as how you please. As Traverse has always helped students transition from high school to university, it wouldn’t be complete without your help as their parents as well! You can attend mentorship sessions, speak with experts on how to support your teens, learn how to be involved with your teens decision making, learn more about scholarships and different university educational systems.

In depth, mentorships are sessions provided that tackle various topics that answer the questions in favor of parents to being better guidance of their teen students. ( Make sure to buy your tickets in order for you to register to these sessions )

Traverse is happening THIS WEEKEND — November 24 & 25, 2023. Your presence will make a difference! SEE YOU SOON.